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Formation of aluminosilicate-bearing quartz veins in the Simano nappe (Central Alps): structural, thermobarometric and oxygen isotope constraints
Julien ALLAZ, Xavier MAEDER, Jean-Claude VANNAY and Albrecht STECK
Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen n° 85 2/3 (2005)
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Evolution tectonique et métamorphique
de la nappe de Simano à l'Alpe Larecc
Diploma work of Xavier MAEDER and Julien ALLAZ
Institute of Mineralogy and Geochemistry, University of Lausanne (Switzerland), March 2003
(translated title: Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of Simano nappe at Alpe Larecc)
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  • All new acquired data on the studied area "Alpe Larecc" (Prato-Sornico, Val Lavizzara, Ticino, Switzerland).
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