Diploma Thesis (M.Sc. equivalent) of Xavier MAEDER and Julien ALLAZ:
Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of Simano nappe at Alpe Larecc (Tessin, CH) © 2003-2007, Uni. Lausanne (Switzerland).
Contacts: Xavier MAEDER (maederx@uni-mainz.de) or Julien ALLAZ (jallaz@geo.unibe.ch)
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Contacts & Curiculum Vitae

    Xavier MAEDER Julien ALLAZ
    Xavier MAEDER Julien ALLAZ
Address   EMPA
Feuerwerkerstrasse 39
CH-3602 Thun
Institut for Geological Sciences
University of Berne
Baltzerstrasse 1-3
CH-3012 Berne
Phone   +41 (0) 44 823 55 11 + 41 (0) 79 256 22 45

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Other Website   Tectonophysic, Mainz (D)
Tectonic & Structural, Utrecht (NL)
EMPA Thun (CH)
Institut für Geologie, Bern (CH)
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