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Photos - serie 1

Some links directly related to our study...

Geology in Switzerland (some universities, museums and other...)

University of Berne, Geology
University of Lausanne, Earth Sciences
Museo cantonale di storia naturale (Cantonal Museum of Natural History, Lugano)
Musée géologique de Lausanne (Vaud Canton)
PANGEA - Student Association of Earth Sciences, University of Lausanne (under reconstruction)
Société Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
SwissTopo (Fédéral Swiss Office of Topography)

Other geological website

Mineralogy Database a complete database on all natural minerals (possibility to translate in various languages)
Webmineral (BRGM website, Bureau de Recherche Géologique et Minière, France), an other mineral database
TWQ (R. Berman, Ministry of Natural Resources - Canada), program and thermodynamic database
Practical aspect of Mineral Thermobarometry" (D. J. Waters - Oxford, UK) introduction on thermobarometry
THERMOCALC (T. Holland and R. Powell - Cambridge, UK), program and thermodynamic database

TOURISME in Tessin (a small outline...)

«Osteria Dazio» at Fusio, a typical inn from Tessin, very sympathic and accommodating, in a wonderful landscape!

Tourisme in Tessin
Valle Maggia Turismo, to know everything about Valle Maggia, in order to spent unforgettable holidays
Film Festival of Locarno
Capanne Ticino The whole cants of mountain pastures of Tessin
Casa Moretti at Prato-Sornico
Some pictures of the incredible church of the architect Mario BOTTA at Mogno

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Photo - serie 2

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