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Photos - serie 1

Panoramas of Alpe Larecc
(and surroundings...)

Click on photos to get an enlarged picture of low quality (LQ, 400 pixels high, max. 150 ko)
or on (HQ) to get high quality (600 pixels high, max. 400 ko)

360° from Larecc meadow (LQ)
|| (HQ)

360° from Bochetta di Larecc (LQ)
|| (HQ)
Base camp near Piatello hut... Nice view, isn't it? And this from sunrise to sunset! [Part 1 (LQ) || (HQ), Part 2 (LQ) || (HQ)]

Sunset and thunderstorm clouds over Cristallina / Basodino region

360° from Pezzoi crest (LQ)
|| (HQ)

Madas, view from source of river Larecc

Studied field, with from l. to r., Madas, Corona di Redorta, val di Larecc followed by val di Pertüs / di Prato and finally Sasso di Larecc (LQ)
|| (HQ)

View (cloudy) on Campo Tencia massive (central part, in clouds) from surrounding of Sasso di Larecc (LQ)
|| (HQ)

River Larecc near
meadow one of the same name

View on val di Pertüs, along crest under Corona di Redorta (Xavier on the left, LQ)
|| (HQ)

Photo - serie 2

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