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Photos - serie 1

Prof. Address Université de Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Dorigny
Bâtiment Anthropole 3168
CH - 1015 Lausanne
Work phone +41 (0) 21 692 43 59
Personal Information Born 12th June 1979 in Pompaples (Switzerland), Swiss citizen, single


Since October 2003 PhD thesis (BAT II), Institut für Geowissenschaften, Tekonophysik, Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz, Germany, under the direction of Prof. Cees W. Passchier
June 2003 « Diplôme de Géologue » (MSc equivalent), University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Institute of Mineralogy and Geochemistry, under the direction of Dr. Jean-Claude Vannay (Privat Docent) and Prof. Albrecht Steck
1998- 2003

Study of geology, University of Lausanne, Faculty of sciences

July 1998 Baccalauréat ès sciences
1995 - 1998 Gymnasium in mathematic and sciences at the «Gymnase de la Cité» (Lausanne)
July 1995 Certificate of secondary school
1990 - 1995 Pregymnasium in mathematic and sciences at the school of Cossonay


Since October 2003 Assistant (University of Mainz), structural geology excursions
October 2002 - March 2003

Teaching assistant (University of Lausanne), practical teaching of structural geology and drawing alpine cross section

Research experience

Since October 2004

PhD thesis (Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz) in the Ugab Region (Southern Kaoko Belt, Zerrissene Turbidic System, Namibia)

Detail structural study of the veins in the Ugab Region, flanking folds modelling.

July 2001 - March 2003

Diploma thesis (University of Lausanne) in the Alpe Larecc (Simano nappe, Prato-Sornico, Val Maggia, Tessin, Switzerland, [situation maps])

Detail Structural and metamorphical study with detail mapping and thermobarometry analysis. Mineralogical and structural study of the 'Knauern' (tension gashes with aluminosilicate) and d18O thermometry (illustrated abstract).


June 2003, award from the University of Lausanne for the Diploma thesis and the academic results.

Relevant skills

Languages : - French (mother language)
  - English (very good spoken and written)
  - German (good spoken and written)
Laboratory : - EBSD (acquisition and interpretation)
  - Fluid inclusions
  - Electronic Microprobe (acquisition and interpretation)
  - Stable isotope analysis on silicates couples Qtz-Ky, Qtz-and and Qtz-Grt for thermometry, picking (mineral separation), acquisition and data treatment
  - XRF Analysis (sample preparation)
Computer : - Good knowledge in Windows systems (98-2000-XP) and knowledge in
Macintosh and Linux systems
  - Good knowledge in various graphics, statistics and desktop publishing (Illustrator, PhotoShop, Word, InDesign, Excel, SigmaPlot, Grapher, Surfer, PowerPoint)
  - GIS software Map Info
  - Geological software TWQ and THERMOCALC for thermobarometry
  - BASIL, finite element modelling program


Allaz, J., Maeder X, Vannay J.-C. and Steck A. (2005): Formation of aluminosilicate-bearing quartz veins in the Simano nappe (Central Alps): structural, thermobarometric and oxygen isotope constraints, Schweiz. Mineral. Petrogr. Mitt., 85 / 2-3, p. xxx-xxx


Maeder, X, Passchier, C.W. (2006): Syntectonic veins in the Ugab Valley, Abstract program, EGU General Assembly, 02-04 April 2006.

Maeder, X., Passchier, C.W., Trouw, R.A.J. (2005): Syntectonic veins in the Lower Ugab Valley and description of "extensional" foliation, Abstract program, 3th IGCP 485 Symposium, Gao Mali, 21-28 November 2005.

Maeder, X., Passchier, C.W., Trouw, R.A.J. (2005): Extensional foliation, 15th Conference on deformation mechanism, Rheology and tectonics, Abstract program, ETH Zurich, 2-4 May 2005.

Photo - serie 2

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