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Photos - serie 1

Many many thanks!!!

We are grateful to all people who helped and supported us during this diploma thesis. Only a partial listing of consulted bibliography is available on this website (please, see our publication or our diploma thesis [at university of Lausanne] for other references).


=> Dr and Privat Docent Jean-Claude Vannay and professor Albrecht Steck for having proposed us this very interesting subject. We thank them for their enthusiasm and their avaibility, as well as for numerous fruitful discussions.
=> Prof. Torsten Vennemann and Prof. Johannes Hunziker, and also Andreas Mülch & Yens Fiebig for their help at the Stable Isotopes Laboratory.
We thank also Raffaele Lucchini for discussions on interpretations of results.
=> Dr François Bussy and Philippe Monjoie for having followed us during analysis on the microprobe.
=> Professor Jean-Luc Epard for his judicious remarks and his encouragements.
=> Professor Lukas Baumgartner whose discussions on the thermobarometry have been very usefull.
=> Sébastien Bruchez for the HF dissolution laboratory.
=> Jean-Claude Lavanchy and Melissa Perret for the XRF analysis.
=> The commune of Prato-Sornico, and his "Patriziato", for having allowed us to use the Piatello hut. And also the staff of the «Ristorante al Ponte» at Prato, as well as the one of the «Garni Lavizzara» at Sornico and of the «Osteria Dazio» at Fusio (Website in Eng / De / Fr / It).
=> The Cantonal Museum of Natural History (Website in italian) for having given us necessary authorization to such a geological field research, in particular Mr. Antognini.
=> Katia Strauch-Ferro for having followed us on the Alpe Larecc and for the numerous scientific and "geopoetical" discussions about the "Knauern".
=> Franco Della Torre how has introduced us to the geology of Simano during our first trip at the Alpe Larecc.
=> All our classfriends (years 1998-2003), in particular our companions of the "triangle" (Stéphane Kock & Alexandre Hungerbühler) and of the "souk" (Eric Champod & Bastien Colliard), the camper of the 5. floor (Laurence Hougard and Thomas Galfetti), and also Denise Bussien, Sebastiano Belloni, Bubu & Tutu (Nicolas Bulliard et Frédéric Turrian), Agnès Markowski, Stefan Pfammatter, Caroline Sierro, Marco Truffer, Pascal Zannetta and Anne-Laure Zufferey. We had a pleasant recollection of this five years spent in Lausanne!!!
Without to forget our office companion, Florian Genier
=> Finally, we would like to thank warmly our parents and friends for their support and their encouragements.

1) Introduction | 2) Structural | 3) Thermobarometry | 4) Tension gashes | 5) Cartography | Bibliography | THANKS
Aluminosilicate-bearing veines: 4.1) Mineralogy | 4.2) Structure | 4.3) Examples | 4.4) Formation

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Photo - serie 2

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