Diploma Thesis (M.Sc. equivalent) of Xavier MAEDER and Julien ALLAZ:
Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of Simano nappe at Alpe Larecc (Tessin, CH) © 2003-2007, Uni. Lausanne (Switzerland).
Contacts: Xavier MAEDER (maederx@uni-mainz.de) or Julien ALLAZ (jallaz@geo.unibe.ch)
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Welcome on the Home Page of Xavier Maeder & Julien Allaz

You will discover here our diploma thesis done at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland, between October 2002 and March 2003) performed under the direction of Doctor and Privat Docent Jean-Claude VANNAY and Professor Albrecht STECK. It consists of a detailed geological study in the Campo Tencia area, at "Alpe Larecc" (or "Lareccio"), on the Simano nappe (Ticino, Switzerland, see the situation maps). Various subjects have been developed in our work (see illustrated abstract here):

  1. A detailed cartographic study (1:5'000) between Corona di Redorta and Madas, in the metasediments of Campo Tencia basin (micaschists, paragneiss and amphibolites) and the augengneiss of the Verzasca's gneiss complex
  2. A detailed structural study on Larecc anticline, which has allowed to differentiate five deformation phases during the alpine orogeny
  3. A structural study of aluminosilicate bearing quartz veins (“AbQ” veins). These are tension gashes formed near the peak of metamorphism
  4. A metamorphic and themobarometric study of the Campo Tencia metasediments, which has allowed to determine precisely pressure and temperature conditions reached by rocks at the (thermal) peak of metamorphism. Oxygen isotopic analysis has been done on quartz-aluminosilicates couples (kyanite or andalusite) in the AbQ veins as well as in surrounding rocks and has permitted us to estimate temperature formation of the various minerals
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Have a good time at Alpe Larecc !!!

  Xavier & Julien
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