Diploma Thesis (M.Sc. equivalent) of Xavier MAEDER and Julien ALLAZ:
Tectonic and metamorphic evolution of Simano nappe at Alpe Larecc (Tessin, CH) © 2003-2007, Uni. Lausanne (Switzerland).
Contacts: Xavier MAEDER (maederx@uni-mainz.de) or Julien ALLAZ (jallaz@geo.unibe.ch)
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4) Tension Gashes 5) Cartography  

Tectonic map
Result of our detailled cartography of Alpe Larecc

A detail cartographic* study has allowed to highlight a discordant* contact between the Campo Tencia mass metasediments and the subjacent amphibolites. This could either represent a tectonic*, or a sedimentary contact* with perhaps a time-gap. The latter interpretation is compatible with an episode of rifting* and sedimentation in a system of tilted blocks*. The contact between amphibolite and augen gneiss* of the Verzasca complex is delimited by a sheared border facies of the augen gneiss (alpine or variscian deformation).

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The geochemistry* of Alpe Larecc amphibolites denotes an E-MORB* or OIB* signature. Their close association with a quartzo-feldspathic* series and the gradual transition from levels more or less rich in amphiboles led us to interpret them as a volcanogenic* series, emplaced in a context of rifting, at the foot of the margin*. The caledonian* age of the underlying granites (450 My, Köppel et al. 1980 [reference]) suggests that these amphibolites are related to the Paleotethys* rifting.

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